octobre 14, 2003

Following your dreams

At 6:30pm last saturday my mother called to let me know that she had heard an interview on the radio about a couple that had cruised around the world for the last 35 years. Their names escaped her but she thought they started with "l and l" I immediately guessed Lin and Larry Pardey and I was right. At 7pm that evening they were giving a slide show on their cruising over the last 35 years.

Although I was at the home depot picking up potting soil, I did not hesitate and put the soil in my bag and cycled to John Oliver secondary on 41st and Fraser to see what they had to say. Anybody who has talked to me for any period of time knows that I love sailing and the idea of cruising around the world has been a longstanding dream.
Before meeting Lin and Larry I had read their "Storm Tactics" book with great interest and marvelled at the simplicity of their approach to weathering scary and daunting storms.
After the slide show I almost wanted to sell all I owned and go find myself a sailboat.
So I signed up for their all day seminar on Saturday called "Priorities for Confident Cruising"
In this seminar they went over all the features you should look for in a boat for long term cruising that is affordable... They made it clear that to make it out there you don't need a deep pocketbook. You just have to learn to find the boat and the equipment that will allow you to live within your means. They also went through their storm tactics and the value of learning to "heave to" and the use of parachute anchors. I ended up with a scrapbook full of notes about all sorts of things like how to minimize chafing on your sails to what is the best place to put your galley on the boat.
The kicker is that they have never had an engine on either of their boats. Their first boat was a 24' Seraffyn on which they did 45000 miles and the second is 29' Taliasin on which the have done 60000 miles. In a way they are the ultimate sailing purists, sailing around the world as if they were on a dinghy.

I left with a new sense of optimism about the cycling trip I am about to embark on but also with the confidence that when I return it is not impossible for me to plan an extended cruising trip. That is certainly another adventure I am really looking forward to.

If you want to learn more about this amazing couple visit their <a href="http://landlpardey.com/">website</a> at http://landlpardey.com/

I really recommend their storm tactics book...you can even get a DVD now.
Their simple approach to all aspects of sailing and cruising really makes you feel confident in your ability to go out and do it yourself.

That said I feel that this cycling trip has also been a longstanding dream. Although the specifics of this trip slowly evolved as I learned more about where I was planning to go. I hope that it will inspire others to go out and take a risk and follow their aspirations. Whether it is an entrepreneurial venture, hiking up a tall peak, or deciding to take a theater class, you certainly feel more alive once you have jumped into something a little scary and daunting.

Posted by gwendal at octobre 14, 2003 12:00 PM