April 02, 2005

Central America: the Statistics

Mexico DF (Districto Federal), the second most populated megapolis on the planet estimated at about 22 million people! Surprisingly a clean and peaceful place as we've enjoyed a much needed rest with our archeologist friend Patricia Carot. On par with physical rest is past reflection; it already feels like an adventure away, but thinking back on our adventures across the fascinating coutries in Central America has yielded some interesting statistics that will hopefully answer some questions about this type of travel:

In 50 days, 12 of which were to rest or to fix a hindering problem (usually involving a bike or three!), we have managed to:

-bike 2500kms, at an average of 50km/day (including rest days) or 70kms/day (excluding rest days)

-averaging 27,000 pedal strokes per day per person, that's roughly 1 million pedal strokes in Central America!!!

-have 21 pincturas (punctured tires) between the six (tires) of us, and 5 broken spokes (all gwendal's rear wheel)

-go through half a litre of sunscreen

-stay in 23 hostels/hotels/motels/hospetajes/posados, at 3 previously known friend's houses living in Central America, 9 fire-fighting stations, 2 police stations and camp 11 times

-cross paths with 4 other cyclo-tourists, one czeck, one spanish, and two seperate germans

-eat 65 ice-creams

-spend a cumulative 84 hours on the computer

-drink 119L of pop, keeping in mind we hardly ever touch the stuff in our other life

-drink almost a metric ton of water

-eat 76 tacos as they've only become available since Guatemala.

-get 3 colds all overlapping

-take 5 buses as sometimes one or two of us were too sick to consider it fun to continue.

-cycle through 22 languages in Guatemala alone

-carry over one hundred individual things in my panniers, and these are tropical and subtropical parts. I can't imagine how heavy they'll be with cold weather gear!

-Find 9 things (including: 20 perfectly edible plums on the side of the road),
be given 25 things (including: 7 sandwiches handed to me from a moving flatbed semi trailer)
and lose/have stolen 21 (both tania and armel's bike gloves, a lucky canadian penny, part "b" of pristine water purification drops in a "Pain Perdu" recipe, thinking it was the salt shaker.

-we've taken measurements of our bodies early on and again in mexico: results seems to indicate a steady reduction in numbers except in our Glutius Maximus (bum) regions (obviously a cycling muscle) and our lower Quadricept muscles. Other than that, we are proud to announce we are keeping the stereotype of a large cycling diet alive. Frog bodies! We've tried to include a push-up dose with a betting dice game but that hasn't changed much.

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