May 13, 2008

LONG ROAD NORTH World Premiere

LONG ROAD NORTH is premiering at the DOXA documentary film festival
in Vancouver.
May 28th and May 31st 2008

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Please help support independent filmmakers!
The more people come the greater our chances are of getting the film out to other festivals, so please get the word out and help us get the film out there and seen by as many people as possible.
With this film I really hope to be opening a small window to the world beyond our daily lives.

This film has been two years of editing and production since my return from the Antipodes Expedition. All done on a shoestring budget without any grants or outside funding; the ethos of making the film really follows how we lived the expedition. We lived as nomads as self sufficient as possible on two wheels. Making the film has been similar, relying on our determination to get through, learn the skills and overcome all the challenges of telling a story on film.
This film would not have been possible without the tremendous commitment and energy poured in by Ian Hinkle. He had experience in expedition documentary filmmaking with his very successful film "The Living Coast" he was able to help take 19 months of footage from an expedition he did not even take part in and become familiar enough with all the footage to tease out a beautiful silver thread of a story that crosses half way around the world.

To view the trailer of the film please visit the Film Website

or you can also see the trailer on youtube:

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