January 21, 2008

Making of the Film

I can't beleive how long I've neglected the expedition journal.
Although it has now been a while since the physical journey has come to a close on the shores of the Mackenzie Delta. This kind of adventure does not leave you unchanged. So for the last two years I've been slowly processing and digesting all the things I've seen and learnt along the way.
Slowly the daily grind of the city and my new routines have made some memories a little more out of focus, but I have made a concerted effort to do something useful with all these experiences.

During the expedition I collected over 70 hours of film footage, 36 rolls of slide film and 10,000 digital images.
So during the last two years I've been working hard at making a film that tells the story of this experience and how it has changed me and my outlook on the world.
The film is nearly finished post production and will be available on DVD and touring the world in 2008.
Please visit our new film website:
to see the film trailer and a synopsis of the film.


For all of you who have followed the expedition though this website it will be a fantastic opportunity to really feel what living for months on end, travelling the world by bicycle might be like.

kind regards,
Gwendal Castellan

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