December 19, 2005

Vancouver: On Radio Canada

Just a quick little update...
I will be interviewed by Danielle Marcotte at 12:30pm on 97.7FM in Vancouver and on the Internet at

The interview should play between 12:30 and 13:00 on Tuesday December 20th.

What do you do after such a long expedition? The question has been dogging me since we returned to Vancouver.
I've been slowly getting used to no longer having to take down my tent and stuff my sleeping bag every morning... my bed is once again a mess and I even leave my dirty clothes on the floor for a few days before picking them up and washing them. Time seems to go faster in the city.

We are not idle however. We are slowly processing the film footage taken during the expedition and are planning to finish it by June 2006 with the help of producer Ian Hinkle. I'm helping with the organization of the Stanley Park Bike Festival for June 17th 2006.
I'm working with Momentum Magazine ( to develop the Neighbourhood and Community section of the magazine.

This is a good time to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and we wish you a very happy new year with lots of open roads...

Starting in the new year the Antipodes Expedition will be happy to start going into schools to do presentations. We will also soon have a slide show ready to share some the best pictures and moments of the adventure!

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