June 29, 2005

Press Release: In the Media

Wednesday, June 29
Check us out on Radio Canada 11:45am on "Quand on Arrive" with Danielle Marcotte on
On the 6 o'clock news on CityTV (Channel 13) with Peter Louwe

Thursday, July 7th
Tentatively scheduled for 6pm on"The Express" with Jack Christie (stay tuned for exact time and date) On Shaw Community TV (channel 4)

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June 14, 2005

Press Release: Team from Vancouver cycles from Patagonia to The North West Territories cycles through home town

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Five-hundred and eighteen days ago, Gwendal Castellan set out to cycle from a town the furthest south you can reach by road in South America, Ushuaia, Argentina to the most northen tip of North America. Now on June 24th, 2005, just in time for Bike Month, with partner, Tania Lo (who began in Bolivia), brother, Armel Castellan (who began in Ecuador), friend, Brahm Dorst and sister, Maiwenn Castellan (who began in USA), he will arrive in his hometown, Vancouver, Canada to visit family and friends before continuing his journey to reach the Arctic Circle. Inuvik in the North West Territiories, is the ultimate destination of this cycling expedition.

Over this 17 month period, Gwendal has inspired 7 other cyclists to join his adventure. The primary goal of the expedition is education. Cycling through 18 different countries he has learned Spanish and Portuguese, how to cook different cuisines, how different cultures survive and incorporate into today's pop culture. He has seen how people south of the 49th parallel view us, from and how the seem on the other side.

Through the entire expedition, The Antipodes Expedition Team have kept a website: http://www.antipodes-expeditions.com, and update it bi-monthly with photographs and articles about their adventure. With over 1000 new subscribers to their updates, the team is constantly receiving emails of encouragement.

On a budget of 10 USD a day, Gwendal and his teammates spend nights in eclectic locations: in parks, under bridges, at fire depts, with families, on the edge of a 1830m deep canyon and even next to a prison cell.

In Latin America, the team was able to sample many local /traditional dishes from Cuy (guinea pig), Chicharonnes ( deep fried pig skin), Argentinian parillas ( bbqs), Colombian arepas, El Salvadorean Pupusas, Peruvian Ceviche, and of course Mexican Tortillas and Gorditas.

As the team headed north, they also relied on their creative culinary skills. Equipped with a wok and pressure cooker conveniently stored in a trailer (provided by Bike Box Trailers, a local Vancouver company), the team can cook up a storm baking breads, cakes, cooking curries, stirfries, lasagnas, carbonara pasta, soups, stews, drawing from local ingredients for their inspiration and to keep within their budget and their daily 7000 calories needs.

When the team reaches Inuvik in the late summer, the cycling adventure may come to an end but the team will begin work on their educational goals. For the near future, the team will visit schools in the lower mainland giving presentations about their trip,what they learned along the way and also relating their experiences with a variety of school subjects such as geography, social studies, life and career skills.

The team hopes to raise enough money to tour across Canada, next spring, giving presentations to schools from Vancouver to St. Johns Newfoundland. Still to come are plans to produce a documentary of their adventure.

On Saturday June 25th the team is hoping that others inspired by what they are trying to accomplish will ride into Vancouver with them from Gary Point Park in Steveston, Richmond to Hastings Mill Park in Vancouver. The ride will begin at 9am and a Celebration BBQ will be held at Hastings Mill Park at the foot of Alma street, between 12:30 and 5pm.

For more information please contact:
By email at expedition@antipodes-expeditions.com
(Please note:we will respond as soon as possible, interviews may be provided between June 25th and July 4th)

Adventure Education Inspiration

#409-1688 East 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC,
Canada, V5N 1J8


The Antipodes Expedition Project is primarily personally funded by the participants. They have received donations in kind from local small businesses: The Bike Box, The Bike Doctor, The Brickhouse Bistro, Victoria Florist, Perry + Associates Landscape Architects, Arvon Cycles, Stormfront BC and numerous generous individuals.

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June 02, 2005

USA: finding Butch Cassidy's trail again

The last time we felt the legacy of the famous outlaw was in the high plateau on a dirt road on our way to Potosi in Bolivia. He had robbed the pay wagon for a mine. All we saw were two little graves on the side of a dusty road.

Now in Utah we saw the historical marker in the Price Canyon where Butch Cassidy and his gang robbed the mining store. The store is long gone, but coal mining is still a vital part of the region.

Later we stopped at an old gas station, with rusty pumps and a general store that looked unchanged in 70 years. This gas station is all that is left of the town of Coulton, which as many small towns close to the rail lines was a booming town.

Inside the store we found the decore had not changed either since the turn of the century. An old man named Dennis Finch came to the counter and asked us where we were from etc... It was not long before he had an old photo album in hand and was telling us the story of his family and Coulton.

His grandfather Horn Elmer apparently had been a school mate of Butch Cassidy (aka: LeRoy Parker) in Circleville. There is a picture in the album to prove it... although it is faded enough that in my eyes it did not really matter who was on the photo. His storytelling skills were excellent and he had my full attention.
As the story goes, LeRoy Parker under a new pseudonym returned to the US well after his reported death in Bolivia. Dennis' grandfather claimed to have received Butch Cassidy in the Coulton store in 1931 for a good chat between childhood friends.

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