July 21, 2003

Cross town Traffic

Although I have been a little dissapointed that I was not able to leave this summer. Being in Vancouver for the summer is fantastic. I just spent the weekend at the Vancouver Folk Festival at Jericho beach. I am certain that the climatological statistics will back me up...

that it is nearly always a very beautiful sunny, warm weekend for the festival. The music was great and it was very nice to totally forget about all your daily worries and just worry about which stage you are going to lounge in front of for the next two hours.

Over the last few weeks I have been doing a lot of transiting between my mom's house at 10th and Alma to Tania's place on Commercial drive.
I beleive I have discovered a new form of street racing... bicycle stylee.
Late after dinner at my mother's house I would go back with Tania to her place.
Often we would be tired and try to put our bikes on the 99 b-line. Unfortunately we are often not the only ones and there have been times when there is only room for one more bike. So being galant a scede the spot to Tania and then the race begins. The goal is to ride accross town from Alma to Commercial drive and arrive before the 99 b-line. Early on it is very difficult as the bus takes off with few stops until it reaches Granville. Then the key to the race is to pass the 99 b-line before it reaches main cambie and stay ahead. If you are still behind at the main street stop you chances of winning are slim. But if by some fortune of well syncronized lights you are ahead you can then reach Commercial drive very hot and sweaty and look back as bus arrives.
So far I have won the challenge twice at around 12:30am in the westbound direction. I'd be curious to see if it is a challenge in the eastbound direction and if the time of day adds to to challenge.
(disclaimer: this is a lawful race and all rules of the road are mostly respected as long as the don't conflict with the laws of nature. ie: a body in motion will remain in motion as long as... and no stop sign should ever be erected at the bottom of a hill!)

This reminds me of the ancient saying: "when two sailboats are within sight of each other and going in roughly the same direction... they are automatically racing!"

That said I won't be racing up the south american continent :)

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July 06, 2003

Quelque chose a changé!

Something has changed! Those of you who see me on a regular basis have been aware that my departure goal was June 22 from Inuvik. Comme vous pouvez voir je ne suis pas encore parti...

Something has changed! those of you who see me on a regular basis have been aware that my departure goal was June 22 from Inuvik. Comme vous pouvez voir je ne suis pas encore parti...
I have had to accept that things were not quite ready for me to depart. The most obvious reason is that I only received the delivery of my super-awsome cool bicycle on June 30th. Because of all the different configurations of the bicycle, it has become a little more complex than an average bicycle. it is going to take me a month to work through all the paces on the bike and make shure it is ready for such a big journey. So although it was theoretical possible for me to leave in late july from Inuvik. I have decided that I want to leave with the best chances of success and I need a little more time to make sure of that. So as of today my departure date has officially changed to December 2003. The start of the expedition will now be Ushuaia! The end is now the beginning and the beginning is now the end.
I will probably organize a good shakedown bike tour in BC late summer or early fall. So if you are interested in taking part please give me a shout at gwendal@gwendal.ca


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